Woodland Crib Mobile – A Beautiful DIY Project

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Living in a one bedroom apartment takes some creativity when it comes to decorating for a baby. We don’t have an entire room to get creative with (John sleeps in the closet), so small details help it all come together. That is where this crib mobile and a Moose Wall Mount become important. I grew up with mounts in the house, so I Ioved the idea of putting one in John’s space. Seriously, go check out the wall mount. It is a fantastic addition to the mountain/woodland theme.  

When we decided to put our son’s crib into our closest, I wanted to make it into a cozy nook for him. Andrew and I decided we wanted to do a mountain theme because, seriously, how cute is a mountain themed nursery for a little boy? Just look up mountain themed nursery on Pinterest and your heart will melt from how cute it can be. The posts from Project Nursery + Junior and The Homemade Heart were my inspiration. You can see in our photos that we started painting a mountain scene on the wall. My husband is not quite finished painting yet, but I look forward to seeing it finished.

I wanted to have a woodland themed crib mobile to compliment the mountain theme. Therefore, I set out to find a crib mobile. I spent time looking online at Walmart, Target and Etsy. I did not like what Walmart and Target offered. Their selections felt a bit cheesy. However, I found some great mobiles on Etsy. The problem with Etsy was the mobiles were running for about $50-$80. I knew I was not going to pay 80 bucks. Instead, I thought I ought to just make my own crib mobile. All together it probably cost $5, if that, and several hours.  If you don’t mind spending $50+ dollars on a crib mobile take a look at this bear one and this mountain one. Both super adorable. 

Having a smaller living space often happens when you have a child at a younger age, but check out these reasons of why being a young mom rocks. 

Crib Mobile - Woodland - Mountain


  • Felt
  • Thread
  • String
  • Normal sized needle
  • Long, fat needle
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Poly-Fil
  • Paper cut-outs of desired designs


Crib Mobile - Woodland - Mountain


To start, you must determine what you want on your crib mobile. I decided I wanted to do 4 different animals, and then alternate mountains, trees, clouds and stars as seen on the picture. I wish I could tell you that I created my own templates, but alas, I am not an artist.

Next, you will print out the templates. Don’t be surprised if you have to print several times. I had a few trial prints until I had the templates at the desired size. I suggest putting them onto one word document so you can compare the size of each template and you are printing 2-3 sheets instead of 12 sheets of paper.

Then, proceed to cut out your templates. Having a baggie on hand helped with storage and organization.


After the templates are cut out, pin it onto the felt with a needle. This will help keep the template semi secure. With a sharpie, trace the template onto the felt. You will repeat this step with the same template, but this time, flip the template onto the other side. This will ensure that when placing the felt pieces together, the sharpie will be on the inside edges of the cut-outs.

Crib Mobile - Woodland - Mountain


Now, thread your needle and begin to sew. I personally used the blanket stitch. Provided here is a YouTube tutorial. If you are novice like me when it comes to doing anything with a needle and thread, this is helpful. I really should have Andrew’s sister, Catherine, teach me some skills. She is into embroidery and has made some beautiful items.  

Before it is completely sewn together, fill the inside with Poly-Fil (a polyester fiber filling) to give it dimension. I bought mine at Walmart, but I am sure Hobby Lobby or another craft store would sell it.

Next, you will repeat steps above for each template.

Crib Mobile - Woodland - Mountain

Put Crib Mobile Together

When it is time to put the crib mobile together, lay the felt pieces in the order you wish. Take your yarn and cut out 4 strands about 1 foot long. Take your long, fat needle and thread it with yarn Tie the end with a large knot.

Now, push the needle and yarn through the bottom of the sewn cut-out and pull until the knot hits where you came through. Repeating the same process, add the remaining felt pieces onto that strand. They will slip a bit, but I didn’t think it was enough to tie knots beneath each sewn cut-out.

Repeat these steps for all of the sewn cut-outs. Trim any extra yarn.

Next, tie the sticks together with the yarn. I just went around the sticks all different ways until I felt it was secure. A tree in our front yard broke and down came several sticks with it. I went outside and picked up a few of those.

Crib Mobile - Woodland - Mountain

Tie the strand with the sewn cut-outs onto the sticks. I personally wish I would have tied the strands more towards the edges of the sticks. This would have given the strands more space, which in turn, I think would have made a better look. The crib mobile wouldn’t be as cluttered and if there was more room in between the strands it would be easier to see all of the adorable designs.

Crib Mobile - Woodland - Mountain


Finally, hang it above your crib! Our son is sleeping in our closet right now, so I just tied it to the clothes rack. However, another possibility would be to skip the sticks and go with a Baby Crib Mobile Arm Bracket that you could just attach the strings to. The wood just adds a cute, outdoorsy looks.

Crib Mobile - Woodland - Mountain

Wala! A beautiful, handmade crib mobile. Hang it above your own crib and admire all of your hard work whenever you get your baby up from a nap. Although, I am making an assumption that your baby ever sleeps. If you’re one of those parents like me with an ‘active’ child, sorry. You might not get to enjoy the crib mobile as much as you would like ;).  Or, imagine bringing this to a baby shower. Gift envy might happen… just saying.

Crib Mobile - Woodland - Mountain

Crib Mobile - Woodland - Mountain

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