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Why Being a Young Mom Rocks

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 As a 22 year old finishing college, I know I am considered a young mom. Many people think 22 is ‘too young’ or believe that I ‘haven’t lived life enough yet’.  There is never a right time to have a baby. When are you actually financially or mentally ready? If it were up to that (thankfully it is not) I would never be a mommy. My Friday nights look significantly different than my old high school friends. Being a young mom or dad doesn’t come without its own challenges. I understand.  But then again, becoming a parent, period, comes with its own challenges. Although I sometimes long for restful nights, reading a book in peace, or a night out, becoming a parent young has been the best thing I could have done. When reading the following do consider that my grandma had 12 children with her last one being born at 42. You would not be considered a young mother at 42, but she still rocked it!

Everyone Has More Time

Having children at a younger age means not only you will get to spend more time with your children, but grandparents and great grandparents will have more time, too. Stronger and longer lasting family relationships can be a result. John has been able to meet 2 of his 4 great grandmothers. This is special for everyone and the memories will be cherished forever. 

The grandma I mentioned above is in the picture on the right. They Both are beautiful with there great gandbaby. 

young mom young mom

As a Young Mom You Have More Energy

Remember those days of long interrupted sleep? Well those are over (for now). Waking up in the middle of the night isn’t easy during any age. However, it is probably easier to run off of less sleep in your twenties. As a parent, you have to chase a munchkin around. Now that takes youthful energy.


You Have More Opportunity to Have A Larger Family

Everyone’s biological clock is ticking. If you want a big family, having babies at a younger age provides more opportunity to have the family you want. But like I said, my grandma had her last child at 42! 


You Will be an Empty Nester Sooner

Being an empty nester is a bitter sweet subject. I love my son with all my heart, but I am also my own person and I plan on having life of my own when he has moved out. When you have children in your twenties, there is still a a lot of life to be lived. In 20 years John will moved out and I will only be 42. Oh the possibilities! 

There is Less Social Pressure (In a Way)

Drinking? Partying? None of those social pressures matter after you have a child. You have a focus and purpose. 


You can ‘Bounce Back’ Sooner

‘Bouncing back’ is not easy no matter what age you are, so maybe a better word would be recover. Younger bodies have the ability to bounce back postpartum a bit easier. But give yourself a break. You housed and birthed a human being. Your body rocks!


You Can Be a Good Role Model to Your Friends

Although some people will be thankful they are not in your shoes, other people will see you and think ‘wow I want to be like her as a parent. She is lucky.’ Those who criticize you now may look back someday and see that having a baby and commitments was way better than partying.

Children Bring Us Joy

However hard being a parent can be (which I am starting to figure out), children bring us happiness that we find no other place. Children are a blessing from God. Since John was born, I have had more laughs and tears than ever in my life. He amazes me daily with his happiness and love of life.

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You Gain Wisdom

Having children teaches you a lot. There are many life lessons daily. You become more patient and empathetic. I have learned more during these 4 months with my son than almost any other period of my life. He shows me daily how hard work and love pay off.

I love being a young mom!

Young mom

One thought on “Why Being a Young Mom Rocks

  1. Well said! Thank you!

    Our present culture, with its seeking, clawing, climbing, yearning for purpose is missing the boat by waiting to begin their families, all in the name of “we’re not ready”, or “we are waiting until we can afford it.” All this means is that they want an extra car, a boat, a vacation or a bank account more than the joy of children. Lord, have mercy.

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