Sleep Training – My Personal Game Plan

sleep training

Sleep training is a spot of tension among many people. I have been reluctant to do sleep training with John for quite awhile now. It is agonizing to listen to your baby cry, even when you know that his crying is purely out of anger. Pre-baby me thought I would be a ‘tough love’ type […]

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Making a One Bedroom Apartment Work With a Baby

one bedroom apartment - baby

Living in a one bedroom apartment with an infant is crazy, but doable. My husband, Andrew, and I have spent a lot of time making our one bedroom apartment a beautiful and functional space for our family. It has taken some flexibility and creativity, but it is a manageable task. Whenever the space begins to […]

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Woodland Crib Mobile – A Beautiful DIY Project

Living in a one bedroom apartment takes some creativity when it comes to decorating for a baby. We don’t have an entire room to get creative with (John sleeps in the closet), so small details help it all come together. That is where this crib mobile and a Moose Wall Mount become important. I grew up […]

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Being a Stay at Home Mom is Not a Waste of Your Brain

Stay at home mom

Being a mother is the most rewarding and challenging experience I have had in my life.  Many stay at home mothers have been criticized that they are not using their brains or education properly while staying at home with their children. Being a stay at home mom these past five months has taught me more […]

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