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Being a Stay at Home Mom is Not a Waste of Your Brain

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Being a mother is the most rewarding and challenging experience I have had in my life.  Many stay at home mothers have been criticized that they are not using their brains or education properly while staying at home with their children.

Being a stay at home mom these past five months has taught me more than I could ever imagined. I now realize I know more than I ever thought I did. And yet at the same time I realize there is so much to learn. It takes a lot of brain to be a mom. I am not a fan of the unknown, and motherhood is full of that, so you can imagine the struggles I have as a mother. I have to use all my problem solving skills and knowledge to raise my baby. It is not a waste of a degree to stay at home with children. My education has helped me grow and prepared me to succeed in life and as a mother.

The following are some reasons why being a stay at home mom is not a waste of your brain, but rather a daily challenge that requires extensive knowledge.


You Are Raising a Human Being

You are creating the generation to come. There is a reason educators say parents are a child’s first teacher. It is true! Your child learns so much from you every day. You set the example for your child daily and help shape who they are going to become. You will mold their values, morals, and views. You can give them important gifts: such as a love for reading and learning.

The Federalist published a great article by Emma Freire – Why Moms Need to Stop Degrading Our Job as Brainless. Freire writes,

I have a college degree and worked for nearly a decade before I became a mother. The energy and ambition that I used to put into my career, I now put into my family. I’m still constantly drawing on my education and professional skills, but for a much more meaningful purpose. Most of the projects I worked on in my previous career are now obsolete.

The work you put into raising your children isn’t meaningless. Your children are going to grow into adults someday. Who do you want your child to be? Often time people think that education starts when you begin school. But a mother is a teacher long before that first day of Kindergarten, and no-one would ever call teaching a “brainless” job.

Furthermore, stay at home mothers should use their brains to seek learning experiences and self educate outside of the school setting. This is not only good for the mom, but benefits their children by setting an example of lifelong learning. Seeing a mom self educate sets the example for the children.

Knowledge Makes You a Better Mom

The more knowledge a mother has, the more she will be able to teach her child. Whether that learning is occurring while talking at the dinner table, helping with homework, playing a game, or homeschooling, your knowledge benefits your children constantly. You will be able to have conversations with your children and provide opportunities that will foster growth and development.

Your knowledge and education prepare you to serve others. Often times, stay at home moms are using their knowledge differently than someone in the workforce. Some mothers at home are able to do volunteer work that working mothers can’t find time for. As a society, we need to get away from the idea that a proper education is just for job training; It also helps make you a better human being. Mothers pass on wisdom to their children by valuing learning and constantly striving to educate themselves.

In addition, parents must have knowledge to determine how to discipline and how to teach their child to be a good Christian and citizen. As the child grows he begins to ask more questions. Your knowledge helps you answer hard questions and let those moments become teachable ones. This is a big responsibility, and certainly one that requires a lot of brain power!


You are a Jack of All Trades

Managing a household is not mindless. Yes, changing diapers and folding laundry can be tedious work, but learning efficiency in what you do takes some brain power and hard work. The job list is endless. You are a chemist when you bake. You are a doctor, teacher, maid, chef, writer, artist, engineer, etc. As mothers we hold so many jobs; each of which requires different part of the brain: knowledge, creativity, imagination. Motherhood takes thoughtfulness to be done well.


Being a Mom Helps You Grow in Unexpected Ways

You are constantly dealing with the unknown. Several people have asked what the hardest part of being a parent has been so far. Is it sleep? Lack of freedom? Change of lifestyle? To me it has been facing the unknown on a daily basis. How in the world do you deal with an umbilical cord stub? Is my child coughing enough to take him to the doctor? Is he too hot? Too cold? You face many problems daily where you have to use all your knowledge to get through the day. Your children teach you things that you never even realized you didn’t know. You will learn how to work with people. You will gain new insights and skills. You will be challenged. You will change as a person daily. Fortunately, having a brain makes it easier to adapt and grow.

In just in the past five months of being a stay at home mom I have gained more knowledge and joy than I could ever imagined. Motherhood is a challenge of a lifetime. Yet, the returns are numerous. Being a stay at home mom is a privilege. A privilege where I get to use my brain to make a difference for the future and play peek-a-boo at the same time.

stay at home mom

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