Little Lumberjack Themed First Birthday Party

Little Lumberjack Themed First Birthday Party

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 It doesn’t get much cuter than little boy birthday parties. I cannot believe John is a 1 year old! To celebrate his first birthday, we decided to throw a little lumberjack themed first birthday party. I told myself that I was not going to go too extreme with the party, but as my mom and I began planning (and shopping at Hobby Lobby), we couldn’t help but go all out. John only turns one once, and a little lumberjack themed first birthday party was just too cute. We had so many fun ideas we wanted to do. 
I am so excited to share this post with you! 

In this post, I will out line everything you need to throw a successful Little Lumberjack Themed First Birthday Party.

Items found at Hobby Lobby:

Well where did all of the party planning begin? Hobby Lobby of course! My mom and I went to Hobby Lobby at a very dangerous time.  All of the Christmas items were 80% off! We had a blast and found some great deals, including the farmhouse metal tins used for the Trail Mix Bar and the plaid plates the tree cookies were on.

The plaid table runners, black table clothes, the plaid napkins, and the ribbon garland were found in the party section at Hobby Lobby. You should also be able to find Red and Black Plaid Paper, Place Cards, Small Brown Paper (Treat) Bags, Seek Adventure and Into The Wild signs, and Farmhouse Metal Tins at Hobby Lobby.

I would suggest going to The Dollar Tree for your Napkins and Plates, as they are cheaper there.


We had so much fun decorating! My sister-in-law, Catherine, got married right after Christmas. As seen below, we were able to use lanterns and pine cones from the wedding decorations. We then use some other decor from our Christmas decorations.

Considering this is a little lumberjack themed first birthday party, adding real wood seemed fitting.

Felt letter boards are really neat! I finally bought one and I loved it. I was so excited to use it for this party.

And of course you must have lots of photos of Mr. 1 Year Old for everyone to see.

  • Decorative Items
    • Felt Letter Board
    • Plaid Ribbon Garland
    • Lanterns
    • Pine Cones
    • Aspen Logs
    • Photos of the One Year Old
    • Any other cute decorations


Black table clothes looked the best by far with the plaid table runners.  The plaid table runners add so much to the overall look of the party. 

Also, fun fact, that red and black plaid is called buffalo plaid. I would have never known. 

  • Paper-wear
    • Plaid table runner(s)
    • Black tablecloth(s)
    • Black Napkins
    • Red Plates
    • Silverware

Free Printable Labels

To make the labels, begin by wrapping 5in X 3.5in place cards with buffalo plaid paper (both found at Hobby Lobby).

Next, glue on these Free printable Little Lumberjack Themed First Birthday Party Labels.

We have added so many different labels that you are bound to love this printable for your own Little Lumberjack Themed First Birthday Party.

  • Food Labels
    • Red and Black Plaid Paper – 5 Pieces
    • Place Cards – 5in X 3.5in
    • Free printable Little Lumberjack Themed First Birthday Party Labels

Trail Mix Bar

To create the cute plaid look on the trail mix gift bags (brown paper treat bags), cut some of the buffalo plaid paper and glue it to the bottom edge of the brown paper bag. 

If you have a cute stamp of a tree or forest animal, that would be another great addition to the trail mix gift bags.

Add some of the buffalo plaid napkins, found in the party section at Hobby Lobby, inside of the farmhouse metal tins to add a special touch.

We had six tins filled with raisins, chocolate chips, cheerios, almonds, pretzels, and peanuts

  • Items for Trail Mix Bar
    • Peanuts
    • Chocolate Chips
    • Cheerios
    • Raisins
    • Small Brown Paper Bags (Treat Sacks)
    • Plaid Napkins
    • Farmhouse Metal Tins
    • Small scoops

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Chili Bar

Chili bars are a great idea for cold winter days. Everyone can fix his chili the way he likes it (cheese, cornbread, chips, sour cream), and then cuddle in. 

My mother cooked two different types of chili. She did a red chili and a white chili. Both were a hit! We fed about 19 people. 

With the printable labels, you will receive a wood chip label for your chips. Add two different type of chips so your guests have a variety to choose from. 

  • Items for Chili Bar
    • Red Chili
    • White Chili
    • Cheese
    • Sour Cream
    • Chips
    • Corn Bread
    • Butter

Bear Cake

This bear cake was one of my favorite parts of the party! It was a blast to make and everyone loved it. I was later asked if I went to school for decorating cakes! That was such a compliment, but no, I am just starting to learn more about cakes. Cut out cakes are totally worth the effort!

  • Chocolate Cake & Frosting
    • One Candle

I am working on writing a post over making this cake and my own cake recipe, but until I get that posted, here is another excellent cake and frosting recipe from Add A Pinch’s blog. However, you will need to add another half of this recipe in order to make three round cake pans of batter instead of two. 

Other Desserts

I have been working on my sugar cookie recipe this year, and when I have mastered it I will write a post over it. However, the cookies for this party were just made from a sugar cookie mix and canned frosting bought from Walmart. Yummy!

Chocolate covered pretzels were a big hit with our young nephew and my husband. They both apparently really love salty and sweet things combined. Buy a bag of pretzels and a microwaveable dipping chocolate and dip till your hearts content. 

You never know what you might come across in the woods! My mom and I were quite excited about discovering a chocolate covered strawberry picking patch. 😆 Use the same dipping chocolate from the chocolate covered pretzels to make your strawberries. 

  • Dipping Chocolate
  • Pretzels
  • Strawberries
  • Peppermint Bark
  • Sugar Cookies
    • Tree Cookie Cutter
    • Frosting
    • Green Dye


Create a cleaver ‘watering hole’ with many beverage options so your guests can ‘fill their canteens.’ If you have beer drinkers, don’t skip on a logger. It fits the theme perfectly.

  • Drinks
    • Water
    • Beer – in particular loggers to fit the theme
    • Lemonade

I do have to say my little lumberjack was pretty spoiled by all of the treats and fun. I am already excited for his second birthday!

Now that you have seen what can be done with a little lumberjack themed first birthday party, comment what you think I should plan for his second birthday party.

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