graduation candy bar

Graduation Candy Bar

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Is there a better way to tell someone how proud you are of him but with candy? The semester is coming to an end and my brother David is graduating with a mechanical engineering degree. We are so proud of this accomplishment. Now you have to understand this is a little bittersweet for me. David and I have lived in the same place our entire lives. The past 3 years we have lived so close we could see each other’s apartments. Well, this smartie pants got an amazing job in a different town, so we will not be seeing each other as much😭. But considering this is a post about a graduation candy bar, we won’t focus on the bitter aspects of the changes in life, but the sweet!


Graduation candy bar


My mom is the ultimate party planner, so we decided we wanted to throw David a graduation party at our church. David’s grad party was a great opportunity to make a graduation candy bar! We had so much fun planning this graduation candy bar. My mom and I have always been fond of using candy to make creative sayings, but we have never created something quite like this and we had a blast doing it! If you read my post over making a Hot Cocoa Bar, you will see that we are really enjoying making different types of bars for our guests right now.

My brother is graduating from the University of Wyoming where the mascot is a cowboy. Thus, we decided to do a cowboy themed graduation party.



Below I have compiled a list of everything you will need to make the ultimate graduation candy bar for the accomplished grad in your life, plus a printable containing all of the candy labels and the sign stating A Sweet Ending to a New Beginning.



Gummy worms (Book Worms)

Graduation candy bar


Jolly Ranchers (Feels Jolly to be Graduating)

Graduation candy bar


Kisses (Goodbye Kisses)

Graduation candy bar


Smarties (Congratulation Smartie)

Graduation candy bar


Tootsie Rolls (Honor Rolls)


Life Savers (Savor the Moment)

Graduation candy bar


Reese’s Pieces (We Love You to Pieces)

graduation candy party


Starburst (Reach for the Stars)

Graduation candy bar


Nerds (Nerd)

(Oops! I’m such a nerd that I didn’t get a photo of this one.)


Pirouline Cookies (One Smart Cookie)

Graduation candy bar


Graduation Candy Bar Printable Labels  

We created this printable so you could easily make all of your own labels for your candy bar. You will find all of the sayings mentioned above and the sign saying A Sweet Ending to a New Beginning.


Construction Paper

We made the candy labels into tents with construction paper so they could easily stand on their own. You could also tie them onto your jars with a cute string. My mom also added some cute stickers as seen in the photos.



We used some small plastic scoops for items such as the Reese’s Pieces and gummy worms. You can find these on Amazon or at most local craft stores.


graduation candy bar


Small Brown Paper Bags

Small paper bags for your guests to put candy in are more ideal than large bags so people do not take an excessive amount of candy.



My mom found a graduation ink stamp at Hobby Lobby when I was graduation high school. She stamped the brown paper bags to make a cute party favor.


Graduation candy bar



I find that adding height and dimension makes the display aesthetically pleasing. We used the baskets to add this height and dimension.


Glass Containers

The possibilities of what you can put the candy in is endless. You could use tins, baskets, mason jars, etc. But my mother had these nice glass jars.


Graduation candy bar


This graduation candy bar was a highlight of the graduation party. The adults loved this feast as much as the children.


Now it is your turn to congratulate your smartie by savoring the moment. Feel jolly together as you give your nerd goodbye kisses. Don’t forget to celebrate your book worm’s honor roll. Let him know you love him to pieces and he will reach for the stars.

Graduation candy bar


graduation candy bar

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  1. Thank you Sarah, Mom, and Dad for all you do for us and for the wonderful graduation party! It was very enjoyable and provided a great time for everyone to get together.

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