baby boy Halloween costumes

Cutest Baby Boy Halloween Costumes

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Now that it is October, I feel like I can post on Halloween. Dressing my children up for Halloween is something I have been looking forward to since I was a little girl. I use to dress my dolls (and maybe my dog and cats) in my Make a Bear’s outfits. My son is going to be almost 10 months old and the possibilities for Halloween costume seem endless. I am so excited that I thought I would share all of the adorable baby boy Halloween costumes I found with you!


This hedgehog would be a great costume for any child. So cute.

Baby Plush Hedgehog Vest Halloween Costume - Hyde and Eek! Boutique™ - image 1 of 1


Baby Jack Jack

This Baby Jack Jack costume would be a perfect baby boy Halloween costume this year considering the long awaited arrival of The Incredibles finally happened.

Baby Jack Jack Costume - The Incredibles Image #1
Party City


Garden Gnome

A garden gnome would be adorable for a baby who can sit up but not crawl. 🤣

lawn gnome baby costume
Kitchen Table Quilting


Baby Batman

Baby Batman Costume - The Brave & the Bold Image #1
Party City



If you have a crawling baby think about how cute your baby would be crawling around in this lion costume.

Little Lion Halloween Costume


Ratatouille Linguini and Remy

I love this idea for a father and baby costume!

Winnie The Pooh

I love love love this Winnie The Pooh baby boy Halloween costume. It would be nice and warm as the weather changes.

Carl from up

My Modern Met


Where The Wild Things Are is a classic. How fun would a little boy look dressed up as Max in this baby boy Halloween costume? From a baby to a toddler you couldn’t go wrong.

Baby Classic Max Costume - Where the Wild Things Are Image #1
Party City

Baby Bat

Tell Love and Party created some diy costumes for their family and dressed their little one up as a bat. I think this might be a favorite.

From Tell Love and Party


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Tomato Ketchup and Yellow Mustard

I know the babies here are girls, but you could also do this for boys. Have twins? Or best baby friends? You can dress them up as Tomato Ketchup and Yellow Mustard.  



I’m pretty sure 95% of the population was dressed as a pumpkin at one point in time in their life. This is a classic and will always be a winner.

Baby Pumpkin Costume
Pottery Barn


Ahhh. Looking at all those cute babies dressed up for Halloween was such a stress reliever. Now it is time for me to get John ready for his first Halloween.


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