Bridal Shower Food – 7 Fun Ideas Your Guests Will Love

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In honor of my brothers wedding week (yay!), I thought I would post something wedding. About a month or so ago, we hosted a bridal shower for his bride, Severin. It was a blast, and I truly believe the success was partly due to the wonderful food. Good food can make or break a party. I go to events anticipating the food. Just thinking about fresh pie and fruit makes my mouth water.

Enjoy these yummy food ideas!

Heart Pies

Is there really a better way to celebrate a bridal shower than with heart shaped items?? I think not. These blueberry pies were a huge hit! I received compliments all afternoon on the taste and appearance.  These pies do take time, but I promise they are well worth the work. When Jessie (Severin’s maid of honor) and I made these, we had different jobs. To start, I cut out the hearts while she placed the filling inside of the pie. I then placed the second heart on top and Jessie pushed the edges together with a fork. It helped to have two people working together.

Use store bought pie crust. I love my mother-in-laws homemade pie crust for chicken pot pies, but when you have to mold and remold to cut the hearts, a pie crust that is firm would be better.

Bridal Shower Heart Pies

Heart Watermelon

Do you see a pattern here? 😉

Hearts for a bridal shower! Seriously, how much cuter can it get?? We took a cookie cutter to cut slices of watermelon into hearts. Extremely easy and an eye pleaser. The red/pink of watermelon really pops on a white lace tablecloth. Bridal shower heart watermelon

Shaped Cheese

Just like the watermelon, use a cookie cutter to cut the cheese. You could use a heart, flower, star, really whatever you want. Eating shaped food was never more fun than at a bridal shower! Remember to have crackers to go with the cheese. We found some amazing rosemary Great Value flower shaped crackers at Walmart. If you are not too close to lunchtime, you could add some deli meat to make for a hearty afternoon snack. 

Wedding Dress Cupcakes

These wedding dress cupcakes made a great centerpiece. My mother lined a large piece of cardboard with some gold wrapping paper. I frosted the cupcakes before I put them into the dress design, but you could do it after as well. To begin the dress, place 5 cupcakes on the bottom two rows. Then going up the dress place 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2 as seen in the picture. Finally, on each side put 2 cupcakes as the sleeves.

To frost the cupcakes I used the Wilton 21 tip. Starting in the middle of the cupcake, apply the same amount of pressure, steady wrap the frosting over the cupcake. YouTube has great frosting tutorials if you are unsure on the technique.

I used this white cupcake recipe from the blog Baking A Moment and they were wonderful! 

Recipe for buttercream:

1 cup butter, 1 tsp vanilla, 4 cups powdered sugar, and 2 tbsp milk.

First cream the butter and vanilla together. Then beating on medium speed, gradually add the sugar one cup at a time. Make sure you scrape the side of the bowl often. After all of the sugar has been added the mixture will seem dry. Add the milk. Finally alternate adding milk and sugar until you have the desired texture.  

Fruit Kabobs

For the colorful fruit kabobs we put grapes, pineapple, cantaloupe, and strawberry. The different colors were beautiful and extremely tasty. Another fun idea would be to get a small heart and flower shaped cookie cutter to make a pattern of hearts and flowers on the kabob. You could use any kind of melon, cheese, etc.  

Mimosa Bar

The Mimosa Bar was a blast. For the juices we had Ruby Red Grapefruit, Mango Twist, Strawberry Kiwi, and Orange Juices to go with the champagne. We had small skewers for fruit so people could add blueberries and raspberries to their drinks.  It was fun to see everyone walking around with these festive drinks. For more information on creating a Mimosa Bar, take a look at this post from Michelle Got Married. She even includes a printable! 

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This easy treat is a winner at any event, especially a bridal shower. The red and brown contrast is pleasing on the table and the taste is fresh. We bought microwavable melting chocolate from the baking aisle to make it as simple as we could. Fast, easy, delicious. Does anymore need to be said?

Bonus! Heart Cake

At my other sister-in-law’s bridal shower this summer, we made a heart shaped cake.

Yes, we have had a busy summer with two siblings getting married, but back to the cake!  If you prefer cake over cupcakes, this is for you. Use a cake recipe that will hold the shape, such as a pound cake. But don’t be like me and over cook it (twice) so it becomes too dry. The same buttercream recipe as I used for the cupcakes was used for this cake.

Bon Appetit!

2 thoughts on “Bridal Shower Food – 7 Fun Ideas Your Guests Will Love

  1. You are a precious young lady, and I so enjoy your writing. OH! How I love cookie cutters. Of course I have a fun memory to share with you =)…When my boys were little I made them boot shaped biscuits to go with their beans and little weanies, and often cut their meat and cheese snacks into different shapes depending on the season or the day. It certainly does make food more fun. They also loved to finger paint naked at the table with pudding and pretzels. Yes, it was messy, but entertaining! Keep sharing, it is good for all of us !!

    1. I think I just might need to buy some more cookie cutters for John as he gets older. What a cute and easy idea for lunches. They could also be used with play dough. Oh the possibilities are endless!

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